Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to deal with stress and pressure without chemicals and what parents can do if they see signs their students are stressed or under pressure.

The underlying problem needs to be addressed: Why is there a large number of young adults who turn to chemicals to manage life? There are two factors at play that push kids over the edge. External: they feel enormous pressure to perform to meet parental and societal expectations (rather than being self-expressed freely). And Internal: they lack the character to do so (they don’t feel capable and confident).
Empowering parenting is the key.
Offer general statements like:
You don’t need to do any of these tasks if it feels too much for you
You are the only one who knows what’s right for you and you are the one who is choosing
The answer exists before the problem
I trust you; you are amazing, capable and smart
You always trying your best, and I see you succeeding
When you think of something you want and believe it is possible, it will come to you

Adaptation of this mind-set will prevent kids from turning to chemicals. They will feel self-assured, capable and excited to embrace life, not to numb it, block it, and escape from it.